Etiquette and Rules

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Etiquette and Rules

O-Sensei’s Precautions

The original intent of Bujutsu was to kill an enemy with one blow; since all techniques can
be lethal, observe the instructor’s directions and do not engage in contests of strength.
Bujutsu is an art in which the one is used to strike the many. Therefore, train yourself
always to be mindful of, and alert to, opponents in the four and the eight directions. Always
train in a vibrant and joyful manner. The instructor can only impart a small portion of the
teaching; only through ceaseless training can you obtain the necessary experience allowing
you to bring these mysteries alive. Hence, do not chase after many techniques; one by one,
make each technique your own. In daily training, begin with basic movements to strengthen the
body without overexertion. Spend the first ten minutes warming up, and there will be no fear
of injury, even for old people. Training in Bujutsu is to foster yamato-damashii (a good and
true nature) and to build one’s character. The techniques are transmitted from person to
person, on an individual basis, and should not be disclosed indiscriminately to the public.
Such secret techniques should not be misused for evil purposes.


It is customary to bow at the following times. Bowing should be done in moderation. When
entering or leaving the mat area, bow toward the Shomen (front wall of the training hall).
To open class, the instructor and students first bow to the Shomen and then to each other.
Partners bow to one another before engaging in practice and after practicing with each other.
To close class, the instructor and students bow to the Shomen then to each other. After class,
before you leave the mat area, it is proper to thank each person who worked with you during class.


Please be punctual. If one does arrive late, enter the mat and warm up. Join class after being
acknowledged by the instructor. If you need to leave the mat, please inform the instructor. If
you are injured or cut, no matter how seemingly insignificant, please inform the instructor. If
you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, please inform the instructor.

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