100 Pillars

By , April 17, 2011 8:03 pm

100 Pillars Aikido

We believe there are common “core principles” throughout all styles of Aikido, and recognize the valid diversity in stylistic variation through specific technique and application. 100 Pillars is a meeting ground and support network for all styles and affiliations of Aikido practitioners involved in the continuous process of discovering the meaning and application of the concept of Aiki. The 100 Pillars community offers an opportunity for peer review, dojo and individual support, and meaningful methods for promotion of advanced rank across stylistic lines. 100 Pillars is structured as an open source community, built on the idea that “All of us, are smarter than any of us.” We are committed to assuring that the core principles that are the learning objectives of our members are also reflected in the operational practices of the organization. All members and associated dojo are wholly independent, but have access to curricula, services, and other resources that they can access, adopt, or revise for their independent use at their own discretion.

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