By , April 17, 2011 8:03 pm

Northern Lights Seminar in Japan

Group Pic

Some pre-seminar chat and warm-up.

Group Pic

The US group minus Ryan(picture taker).

Group Pic

A much needed lunch break.

Brad & Yoshi

A bit of Irimi-nage by Brad.

Brad & Yoshi

Brad blending from a kata-cosa dori.

Brad & Paul

Paul performing a nice breakfall.

Brad & Paul

Paul being taking ukemi from Brad.

Brad & Chris

Brad throwing Chris while demonstrating.

Brad & Dave

A not so happy Dave being pinned.

Brad & Chris

Tenshi-nage always makes Brad so happy.

Sunday Group Pic

A group photo of Sunday’s participants.

Yoshi, Ryan & Paul

Post seminar fun at a local restraunt in Ikebukuro

Dinner Afterwards

So much food, such a little stomach.

Dinner and Drinks

Some more seminar participants from Korea.

End of the Night

After a long night, I’m glad we had help making it back.

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